The Great Revolution of 1917 was the harbinger of a new era in the world history—the proclamation of the arrival of an era of
Proletarian Revolutions. This was one of the most epoch-making events in the entire known world history. In this revolution, for the
first time in the history of Russia the toiling masses under the leadership of the working class overthrew the state power of capitalists and propertied plunderers and under the leadership of Lenin and his Bolshevik Party established a proletarian state. Certainly, there is no denying the fact that the October Revolution eliminated every thinkable form of exploitation, oppression and inequality but the journey that was undertaken in the direction of formation of a true humane society could not be continued after the
death of great Stalin in 1953 and the capitalist forces once again came into power; Nevertheless, the historical significance of this
Revolution and its historical momentum is extant today. The universal temporary defeat of Socialism across the world does not, in any
way, mean that the period of proletarian revolution is over. Only the first round of the world-historical war between the proletariat and bourgeoisie is complete. The next round has begun now. The creation of the new editions of October Revolution in the entire world is inevitable. The winds of October Revolution had never entirely died down. This can be said with the utmost conviction that in the times to come, they will take the form of a fierce whirlwind and will rise like a storm. We firmly believe that the twenty-first century will be Seismic, a century of upheavals. For this conviction to work as a scientific belief so as to awaken the willpower of working masses afresh, it is necessary to study profoundly the history of October Revolution and its guiding principles. What should be the nature and course of the working Still Ablaze is the Torch of October Revolution class revolutions in the present phase of imperialism is an important task to be decided. The series of “Bigul” booklets is an endeavor in this direction. The articles published here have appeared in various issues of “Bigul”. It is our belief that the content of this booklet will prove useful in creation of the new editions of October Revolution in our own country in an original way. The Hindi edition of this collection was published in 2002 and
has been reprinted three times since then, proving its popularity. We hope this English edition will be helpful for non-Hindi speaking readers.
– Editor, ‘Bigul’






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